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Headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations in Saudi Arabia. UCON is an international B2B Event, Marketing & Publishing Company that executes events across the world.
UCON brings together and engages some of the most influential business leaders from emerging and mature markets, offering them a platform for face-to-face quality engagement, hands on learning with experts, growth & development, knowledge sharing, and covering the latest trends and networking to engage brands and companies to accelerate growth, brand their identity, share and connect relevantly.
We help build communities of C-levels decisions makers, innovators, founders and influencers that are turning ideas into reality and effecting global change. We work diligently to bring people together by creating opportunities and engaging them in making relevant connections.


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Premium C-level gatherings.

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Exhibitions & Trade shows

World class showcase of products and experiences.

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5- star exclusive events, combined of conference and an exhibition.

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Bespoke events

Tailor-made events exclusively for your target audience.

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Product launch

Get overboard outreach and visibility with a strategic launch of your brand identity.

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Media & PR

We bring brand stories to life with purpose and intention.


We help you engage a network of professionals to propel actions that are relevant to your business through our platforms.
As a B2B Event, Marketing & Publishing Company top quality data is the foundation of our business. Data driven marketing makes it possible for one to monitor performance on a regular basis. We use data collected to gain insights into the tastes, preference, behaviours and habits of your target audience and then make the necessary changes to improve your conversions rates.
In other words our data- driven marketing team gets you in sync with your customers’ expectations, behaviours and demographics. We ensure you return on investment on marketing spend.



Making Relevant Connections

Our concepts, rather than taking in as much as possible, take in as much as meaningful. With this approach you will leave our event rejuvenated, equiped with new market insights you have retained and a relevant connections you’ll remember.
We offer relevant networking opportunities pre event | at event | post event, once you’ve made a connection, take time to get to know the person before you dig into their product or profession.
Strong and active networking is a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, get new clients and tell others about your business. Networking will result in opportunities.

Strategic Integrated Approach

Integrated campaign, strategic planning, concept development and social media integration. When you associate with us, we ensure that we become part of your team to take an integrated approach from inception to the end.
We tailor make a plan to fit your marketing needs. Whether you avail all of our services or just one, our team of creative experts will provide the resources and tools and accompany you through the complete process.

visibility VS ability

In wild unknown waters, every sailor looks for a lighthouse. We equip you to be the lighthouse in this fast-changing world.


Ucon team is comprised of professionals that bring wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. We work diligently towards one common goal.

Unique is in everything we do. We at Ucon are committed to providing Unique opportunities for meaningful work. getting employees involved in the development and progress of the company, and ensuring they constantly get exposed to new aspects in their learning journey.

Camaraderie is how we describe our office life. The spirit of good friendship, Companionship solidarity and sociability are main ingredients in each members of the team which sustains us when the going gets tough.

Open communication and feedback are welcome at Ucon make sure every voice is heard. We make sure employees feel like they are part of the process and encourage meaningful dialogue between managers and employees, where each employee feels valued, heard, and recognized.

Newness and Innovation is what we strive for consistently at Ucon.

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