Training or study? Options after school

Have you just finished your schooling and are faced with the decision between an apprenticeship and a degree program?? Then you're in good company, because this is an important decision that will affect the rest of your life. It's not easy to decide between the two options, as they have different advantages and disadvantages. An apprenticeship is a good choice for people who want to work in a certain profession. An apprenticeship usually lasts two to three years, preparing you for a career in a specific professional field. You'll get hands-on experience that will be useful to you later, and you can jump right into the workforce. There are many areas of training, including trade, crafts, industry, services, and healthcare. However, if you want to pursue an academic career, consider a college education. A degree can give you deeper insights into different fields and open up a wider range of career opportunities. You can attend a university or college and earn a degree in fields such as business, engineering, medicine, arts and humanities. Both options have their pros and cons, and it depends on your personal preferences and goals which one is best for you. Don't worry if you feel unsure about this decision. It's a life-changing decision that requires careful consideration. In this article, we'll help you understand the different options available to help you make your decision.

How do I decide between training and studying??

The decision between training and studying after high school can be a difficult one. There are many factors to consider, such as personal interests, financial situation and career goals. It is important to take the time to do thorough research and evaluate the various options available.

Training in sound engineering for a career with a bright future

The world of sound technology is fascinating and offers numerous career opportunities. If you are passionate about music and technology, an education in sound engineering is for you.

With training in sound engineering, you can work professionally and make a career in the music and entertainment industry. Audio technology allows you to produce music at the highest level and work with the most modern equipment.

Dependency of care is an issue that affects many people as they age. But often, affected individuals and their families don’t know what their rights and responsibilities are during an inpatient hospital stay. Here, the clinics’ duty to educate is of particular importance.

The need for care is a situation that is a great challenge for both the person with the disease and his relatives. However, it is not uncommon for hospitals to fail to inform them adequately about their rights and obligations. In this context, clinics have an obligation to provide information that must be observed.

Aachen City Library as an important educational partner in NRW

The Aachen City Library is an important institution for knowledge transfer and education in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a public library, it offers numerous educational and training opportunities to give citizens access to information and knowledge, regardless of age or level of education.

With its extensive media offering, the library supports the information needs of readers in Aachen and the surrounding area. In addition to books, the library also offers magazines, CDs, films and e-books. The wide range of digital media is particularly worthy of mention.


The Ivy League includes some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., including eight top medical schools. But how do you get into these elite institutions?? It's a question on the minds of many prospective medical students. Ivy League schools are synonymous with academic excellence, rigorous admissions standards, and cutting-edge research. Ivy League medical schools are no exception to the rule. They have a reputation for rigorous study, advanced technology and innovative research. For students looking to advance their careers in medicine, training at an Ivy League school can be an excellent choice. This article highlights the best Ivy League medical schools and explains the requirements for admission.

What are Ivy League Medical Schools?

Ivy League medical schools are eight elite universities in the U.S. known for their outstanding academic programs and exclusive academic standards. These schools admit only the best candidates and have a highly selective admissions process. They offer top-notch medical educations that help students achieve their career goals.

In the modern workplace, it is important not only to have the skills and knowledge needed, but also to be able to use them effectively. The design of the work process plays a critical role in this process. Employers should make sure they create a skills-based work environment that allows employees to make the most of their skills and knowledge.

Competency-based work enables employees to apply and expand their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas. This leads to higher employee motivation and satisfaction, which in turn can have a positive impact on work performance.

Andreas Helmreich was one of the most important calligraphers of his time. His works are still unique today and testify to his extraordinary talent. But what makes Helmreich’s work so special??

The answer lies in the time in which he lived: the time of iron gall ink. Helmreich’s artistry lay not only in his skill with the pen, but also in understanding and utilizing the special properties of this ink.

Bildungscampus Naumburg: Application for European funding

With the Europe-wide trend towards digital education and modern learning methods, Germany is also striving to bring their educational institutions to a higher standard. In this context, the town of Naumburg has launched an application for European funding for the Naumburg Education Campus.

The Bildungscampus Naumburg is a unique project that aims to train and acquire skills in the areas of digitalization, IT and technical innovation. This holistic approach of the Bildungscampus has the potential to provide students with a sustainable career that meets the demands of today's economy.

40 Years of Inclusive Waldorf Kindergarten - An Anniversary of Fun and Socializing

On 16. September this year, the integrative Waldorf kindergarten in Burgstrabe celebrates its 40th anniversary. An anniversary that is a cause for joy and gratitude for all involved.

Since 1981, the Waldorf Kindergarten at Burg Street has been providing a unique, inclusive education. Here the focus is on the individual development of the child and the strengthening of his personality. Social skills, cognitive abilities and creative expression are promoted in a playful way.

2019 has the potential to be a significant year for education policy. After years of political tensions and budget cuts, there are now signs that education is once again a priority at the national and international level.

One of the main factors that will help improve education policy is a growing appreciation for the importance of education in today's fast-paced and ever-changing workplace. Employers have concluded that a well-trained workforce is necessary to keep pace with rapidly advancing technology and the demands of the global marketplace.