Aachen City Library as an important educational partner in NRW

Aachen City Library as an important educational partner in NRW

The Aachen City Library is an important institution for knowledge transfer and education in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a public library, it offers numerous educational and training opportunities to give citizens access to information and knowledge, regardless of age or level of education.

With its extensive media offering, the library supports the information needs of readers in Aachen and the surrounding area. In addition to books, the library also offers magazines, CDs, films and e-books. The wide range of digital media is particularly worthy of mention.

The Aachen Public Library is not only concerned with providing media, but also with teaching media literacy. In numerous courses and events, for example, research and evaluation techniques are taught. Cooperation with schools and other educational institutions is also an important part of the library’s work. In this way, the needs of the target groups are specifically addressed and access to knowledge and education is promoted.

Thanks to the broad support of the Aachen Public Library, the institution makes a significant contribution to the transfer of knowledge and education. With its wide range of services and targeted public relations work, it has become an important education partner in NRW.

What this means?

The Aachen City Library is an educational partner of North Rhine-Westphalia. But what exactly does that mean? It means that the Aachen Public Library, in close cooperation with the state government and other educational institutions, strives to promote and disseminate education and knowledge in the region.

In practice, this means that the library provides a wide range of books, magazines and other media to suit all age groups and interests. In addition, the library also regularly organizes events and workshops on various topics to promote knowledge transfer in the region.

As a partner in education in NRW, the Aachen City Library also works closely with schools and other educational institutions. For example, school classes are regularly invited to the library to participate in workshops and guided tours and discover the library as a place of learning and education.

  • Books
  • Media
  • Events
  • Workshops

Overall, the Aachen Public Library’s commitment as an education partner of NRW shows that education and knowledge are of great importance in today’s world and that libraries play an important role in education even in times of digital change.

Partnership with schools

The Aachen Public Library has been an important educational partner in North Rhine-Westphalia for many years. We work closely with various schools to make it easier for students to access our resources and to promote reading skills.

An important part of our cooperation is the provision of teaching materials that teachers can use in preparing their lessons. Our librarian also offers regular workshops and training sessions to help students and teachers use our resources more easily.

  • One of the key initiatives in this area is the “read growth” program.
  • We work with schools in the region to provide targeted support for students who have difficulty reading.
  • The program includes various activities, from reading sessions to special learning materials.

By working closely with schools, we can ensure that our resources are used optimally and that students benefit from our experience and expertise. We are proud to be an important education partner in NRW and will continue to work to promote the reading skills and education of our young people.

Further opportunities for education at the Aachen Public Library

The Aachen City Library not only offers books and magazines to borrow, but it is also an important educational partner in North Rhine-Westphalia. There are various ways to expand your own knowledge. For example, the library regularly offers workshops and seminars.

The workshops deal with various topics such as.B. digital media, creative writing techniques or foreign languages. The courses take place in small groups and are led by experienced lecturers.

Aachen City Library as an important educational partner in NRW

In addition to workshops and seminars, the Aachen Public Library also offers access to various online learning platforms. Here you can e.g. Learning languages, preparing for exams or simply improving your general knowledge.

In order to use these offers, one only needs a valid library card. This can be easily requested during the library’s opening hours. The library staff is happy to help and provide information about the various opportunities for education at the Aachen Public Library.

  • Digitization projects
  • Courses and Workshops
  • Online learning platforms

Aachen City Library – Education Partner in NRW

Aachen City Library is one of the most important educational institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia. It offers both children and adults a wide selection of books, magazines and media to enhance their learning skills.

A special focus is on reading promotion. Regular events such as readings or reading aloud sessions arouse interest in books and promote language development. Teaching media literacy is also an important part of what we offer. Here, users learn how to use digital media and expand their knowledge in the area of information retrieval.

Aachen Public Library also caters specifically to special target groups. For example, there are offers for people with a migration background or for senior citizens. Schools and kindergartens can also use the library as a partner in education. Special events and tours are offered here to help students learn how to use books and media.

  • Conclusion: Aachen City Library makes an important contribution to the promotion of learning competence in NRW. Through its wide range of books, media and events, it stimulates interest in education and strengthens language and media skills.
Aachen City Library as an important educational partner in NRW
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